We are a small-production, San Francisco based bitters business raising the bar through the creation of unique, handcrafted bitters and cocktail accoutrements.

What started as a spirited hobby amongst a duo of cocktail enthusiasts quickly evolved into a passionate business endeavor. It became a quest of crafting unique bitters flavors of superb quality destined for cocktail dens, home bartenders, and imaginative chefs. Progress continues as we spread our bitter love to the world.


Executive Director

Pleasantly bitter and typically full of alcohol, it was only natural that Greg was thirsty to create a bitters company. A musically inclined project manager by day, he’s a full-fledged cocktail aficionado when the sun sets. Inspired by amazing cocktail dens with exceptional drinks, Greg is committed to shaking up, straining, and pouring his enthusiasm into the Bitter Queens brand.


product Director

Kelly has been a champion of quality booze before he legally allowed to consume alcohol. His experience in the wine and spirits industry (winemaking, bartending, sales, and crafting cocktails) has afforded him the opportunity to taste many of the finest libations known to man. This diverse background has helped him finely hone his palate and consequently he demands an exacting level of flavor and quality for all Bitter Queens products.



Chris is a veteran Bay Area madman. His expertise as a Creative Director for esteemed advertising agencies ensures that he brings his artistic edge to the Bitter Queens as we unleash our brand and products to the world. He also enjoyed a brief stint as a bartender during a previous life in the hospitality industry which is a welcome guest to the Bitter Queen team.